How Well Do You Know Your Medical History?

Medical history is genuinely fascinating! Admittedly I don't know it very well, but the bits and bobs I do learn blow my mind. It shows just how rapidly medicine is evolving and just how much has happened in the past 100 years, in 1920 the discovery of penicillin was still 8 years away! Click on... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Build Your Personal Statement During Lockdown – The Medic Portal

A pandemic is an interesting and difficult time to be a prospective medical student. The spotlight on our NHS may have you more inspired than ever to embark on a medical career, but the situation has created challenging conditions in which to start your application. Despite all the uncertainty, there are things you can do!... Continue Reading →

That’s a wrap: 2010s

You will need a full pack of mince pies (or whatever festive treat you fancy) for this one. It's been a while. It's been busy. 2020 is just around the corner and what perfect way to update my slightly neglected blog than to ~reflect~ on what has been a life-changing  decade (buckle up, it's about... Continue Reading →

Placements: my little nuggets of wisdom

6:00 am. It's dark outside, my eyes don't want to open and my muscles appear to have stopped working. *RECORD SCRATCH* -- freeze frame --. I bet you're wondering how I ended up like this. Things have changed since the last time I posted. Rotations have swapped, so for the past month I've been waking at 6:00... Continue Reading →

The ABC’s to surviving a year of uni

Students have been back at uni for a month or so now. How do I know? More and more window sills are becoming symmetrically lined with classy student trophies, (aka spirit bottles), and buses are so full they’re comparable to actual tins of sardines. No matter how many lists, stories and top tips you read, nothing... Continue Reading →

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