That Student Life

Well. Finally, I can write a post and say officially that I am a medic. I’m currently sat next to a to-do list that is literally as long as my arm, and if I had a pound for every time I’ve heard “come out, first year doesn’t count anyway”, and replied “yes but mine does”– I’d be able to pay for the course in cash.

Uni is nothing like I thought it was going to be. My relationship with my flatmates is beyond bonkers. Time seems to be simultaneously on pause and on fast forward. The workload is … well let’s just say I’m eating a lot of chocolate and drinking a lot of coffee, and the temptation of the sesh is far stronger than I could have ever imagined. (How can I resist a club that plays every old school classic though?? Love u Sugar. *ignition plays in background*)

Many people before I left for uni told me that Fresher’s was going to be one of the best weeks of my life. I kinda shrugged it off because I’m not the ‘going out every week’ type. *distant laughter*. People. You are reading the blog of someone who managed to do 8/8 nights out in a row. (You can take the girl out of Blackpool …). Not even sure how I survived. Whether I’m proud or ashamed I’m still trying to work out – but it’s safe to say that it was one of the most exhausting and crazy weeks of my life.

I also love how just anything goes at uni. You can be doing something completely mental and no one bats an eyelid. (Vivid flashbacks of walking around campus at 11pm and seeing a single line of completely naked guys running across the square, nobody seemed to mind.)

You go from such a comfortable and familiar environment to suddenly being chucked into a new place with new people and you’re totally on your own. This is something I was bit worried about; however, independence is something that I absolutely love (pancakes for tea?? 1am walk?? Yassss whatever floats your boat) and I adore the people who I live with.

A month ago I would have never have guessed that I would be living with 3 fellow northerners and 4 Cypriots– but living with such a diverse bunch of people is probably the thing I love most about uni. Living with international students is something that hadn’t even crossed my mind beforehand, and it still feels a bit surreal sometimes when I walk into the kitchen and don’t understand a single word of what’s being said. However, some of our funniest and most memorable moments involve our times with our Cypriot friends and we really love them. (Also we all know how to swear in Greek now, which I’m sure will be helpful for the rest of our lives.)

I was a bit doubtful when I heard people say that you make friends for life at uni. I 100% understand now.

You move into a flat of strangers and within a month these people are your family and your home. They know how to make you laugh and when to leave you alone. They very dangerously know just the right words to say to persuade you to hit the town, and they accept your weird and wacky ways with only minor judgement.

I realise that I haven’t said much about med. It might seem like I haven’t spent much time actually working. Let’s just make it clear that despite the party animal in me coming out in full swing during Fresher’s, I have since on multiple occasions stayed in the library until 1am, absorbing the 100s of pages on the joys of the digestive system. (Figured a post on the mechanism of vomiting might not tickle everyone’s fancy.)

This sentence is purely and solely dedicated to caffeine.

Overall, this is just a quick update/a mild procrastination exercise –  being a med student is simultaneously the most exciting and intense thing and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

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  1. Hey there, just browsing around the blogosphere for other students heading into the medical field. I hope your studies are going alright. Hope you update soon and all the best for your upcoming exams :).


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