8 lessons 2017 has already taught me

FIRSTLY – HAPPY NEW YEAR TO Y’ALL (late I know, but it’s me, what do u expect.)

Was it really only two weeks ago that I was sat at home, in my blanket, bringing in the new year the only way I know how.. drinking wine with my family and dog?? (19 going on 90)

Here’s just a few life lessons I have learnt in those long, long 14 days.

1) Be alone

  • Being alone and feeling lonely are two things that are very different but are often spoken about interchangeably. Spending a week basically living on my own in the flat was one of the most calming and peaceful weeks I’ve had since last summer. I’d forgotten how much I actually love spending time on my own and how good it is for me.

2) Rain on my parade

  • That’s right, give me all the water. Another thing I am 100% guilty of is not drinking enough. (Not like that, I hear your sniggers.) I’ve been making myself drink 2l of water a day for the past week and I cannot explain how much better I feel for it. Water is good guys. Took me nearly 20 years to figure that one out.

3) Mental health before education. Always.

  • When I finished last term, as you may have already guessed from my last blog post, I was feeling generally lost, overwhelmed and quite frankly so lethargic that I struggled to care about anything. I had formative exams at the beginning of this month and I will quite openly say I spent the whole of Christmas break making myself feel better again and spent a very minimal amount of that time studying. With that said, I’m beginning 2017 in such a better place than I left 2016 and I hope it lasts.

4) Get dem Zzz’s

  • Nobody quite understands what happened to my sleeping pattern in term 1 but I will do almost anything to make sure that it doesn’t get that bad again. I’m also not sure why on Earth I kept on insisting that I was ‘fine’ on doing a degree and having a non stop social life on 5 hours sleep per night. It took a solid 3 weeks of napping to catch up. (yep, it was as blissful as it sounds).

5) Neglecting things that you actually enjoy makes you sad (shock, horror)

  • Yep, temporarily forgot this one too. Uni is a massive change and at the beginning I said I wouldn’t join any societies until I had settled in. Unfortunately that just gradually turned into going out, (barely) sleeping, working, repeat. Which, although it’s no secret that I’m partial to the sesh, doing it all the time isn’t actually what I enjoy. I enjoy baking and travelling and exploring and walking in the country side and sitting in a blanket with a cup of tea and reading and watching films, live music and sunsets. I did hardly any of this in my last term so it’s no surprise that I had forgotten what makes me happy by the end of it.


  • bit aggressive, but unless you’ve been fortunate enough to see the typical delights of my uni bedroom, you won’t be able to imagine the states it gets in. It doesn’t make sense. I know I feel like crap when the only floor I can see is a narrow path to my bed. And yet that’s how it remained for most of term one. So far, much to everyone’s surprise, I’ve managed to keep it pretty tidy and calm and it honestly is enough to make you feel like you’re actually in control of your life.

7) Looking after yourself surprisingly does you a lot of good

  • weird, ain’t it? yEP, seems as if another vital lesson was forgotten and remembered over xmas. The longer I can go eating, sleeping and exercising properly whilst making sure I don’t turn up to lectures looking like I’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards, the better. (how long will this last …place ya bets)

and finally

8) Time ain’t stopping for you

It’s fair to say that it’s  F R E A K I N G me out that I have 5 weeks left of my teenage years. I could say that there’s no point in this and that I’ll stop doing it. But realistically I’ll probably stay freaked out way into my late twenties, until I start to majorly break down at the thought of approaching 30. That said, it dawned on me that spending the last few weeks of being an unruly, moody teenager feeling not myself, tired, and sad would not only be a shame but a massive let-down of a finale of my teenage years, which all in all, were pretty fab. Therefore I aim to make the most of it.

So, these lessons may not seem too profound or note-worthy, but they are things that have shown me that little things realllllly do make a big difference, and I have a feeling that in a few months I may need a few pointers on how to get back on track.

Thanks for reading ❤












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