One year later. I’m dedicating this post to everything I would tell myself a year ago. Yes, the mistakes, the unexpected, the questionable and the downright idiotic – I’m dedicating this to you. Maybe it’ll be beneficial and relatable, maybe not, but with some luck you’ll be entertained.

  • Learn how to cook potatoes like your Cypriot flatmates do, they’re incredible – get that recipe first term.
  • You’ll feel like you don’t fit in for the first two terms and that you’ve missed the opportunity to be in a medic friendship group.
  • Don’t worry, they find you at exactly the right time.tumblr_on3ivtuehu1tjm2t1o1_500-copy.png
  • You’ll buy a gym membership during your first month. It’s a total waste of money – did you not think this through?
  • Your flatmates probably don’t need to take you to a&e when you hit your head (hindsight is wonderful)
  • maybe actually sort out your budget??
  • you’ll have so many good memories from this year, don’t let the bad ones taint your recollection of being a fresher
  • You’ll be told in one of your first lectures that by studying medicine you’ll learn more new words than if you were studying a language.
  • And you’ll soon find out that this isn’t an over exaggeration.
  • And you’ll be taking off your top and having your bod examined by your coursemates in the first few weeks …
  • you won’t recognise yourself for a while and you’ll want to do things that you wouldn’t normally do
    tumblr_nwlt0fFW161s8as3do1_500 - Copy
  • don’t underestimate the power of a good cup of tea
  • also, you think your reliance on coffee is bad now? *snorts* just you wait.
  • You’ll be scared for your life during numerous different car journeys – by some stroke of luck you survive (just)
  • You’ll be unhappy until around easter, but until then you’ll be completely unaware that you’re unhappy – try not to overthink or regret this.
  • Its really important that you go through that
  • Let me just say that again, it’s really important that you go through that.
  • there’s a little spot on a field on the edge of campus that you won’t tell anyone about, and you will sit there, mainly in the early hours of the morning when you can’t sleep, and it will mean so much to you – go find it and keep it a secret.
  • you’ll wait for the homesickness to hit you, but it won’t, don’t feel guilty
  • start studying NOW for the love of God
  • You’ll find the best way of learning all the muscles is by making a rap about them with ur best mate (it WILL be no.1 one day)tumblr_nm6vaf9Hvr1tgy85jo1_500 - Copy
  • everything is amplified in student halls – every argument feels like the end of the world and every good time makes you feel like you were destined to be in that flat – roll with it, you end up looking back and laughing at it all anyway.
  • In a years time you’ll be a completely different person, and that’s okay.
  • The north south rivalry is very real
  • Take lots of pictures
  • If you don’t want to go out. Don’t. Go. Out.
  • Enjoy campus being your home, because you’ll never have that again
  • You will seriously consider dropping out. you’re going to think med school is not for you at all. stick with it – **spoiler**, it gets better
  • The putting on weight at uni thing? Not a myth sweet, it’s hard to not be tempted by cheesy chips at 3am on a regular basis. (you will live literally 50 seconds away from the most amazing takeaway)
  • Also filling a tray with nuggets and eating them with mayo is, I grant, heavenly,  but future u is currently trying to reverse the damage and she hates you for it.
  • Please remember to send birthday cards to family members
  • Your sleeping pattern will reach a new level of : unstable. hold on tight lol
  • this year is going to be the worst and best of your life. But even when you’re at your worst, if someone offered you a chance to pack it all in – you would never choose to leave. Cherish the independence,  cherish being able to see your friends every day and night. Cherish everything, because most of it is temporary and will change before you know it.  tumblr_nmvmr8yfGj1qajmbto1_500 - Copy

I started this blog, mainly as a way of keeping me sane during my gap year, without much hope or agenda. Somehow it’s turned into a public diary that people sometimes seem to like, so I just wanted to say thank you so much to anyone who’s ever read, shared, commented, liked, followed or recommended this blog – and hopefully it will carry on throughout med school and my career. Lots o’ love xoxox

p.s click here for my v first post 




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