That Student Life – Second Year Edition

Somehow I’ve been a second year medic for nearly a month, and I want to punch myself in the face for every time I remember complaining about not having time last year. (oh the naivety of being a fresher.) So far, I have indulged in only two nights out, not had pasta every day, not skipped a lecture and kept on top of the laundry – so all in all a success. Despite being constantly on the go and being behind on work from the start (something that I’ve been told by doctors just to get used to), second year has already topped last year by miles.

Every aspect of uni life is different from last year. I live in a house in the city rather than in the secure halls on campus. I have the same amount of work to do as last year, but on top of that I’m also on hospital placements 8.30 – 5 during the week (rip sleep). My parents are constantly asking me when I have time to work – and my reply of exhausted laughter, although no doubt relatable for the medics, probably isn’t the most reassuring thing to hear for my mum and dad (lol sorry).

Even friends are slightly different. It’s only been a month, but I can see that everyone in our year is coming closer together. The nature of this year means that people who barely said hello to each other last year now talk nearly every day, which is a really unexpected but lovely side effect of *quote upper years* “the worst year of med school”. Like the majority of us, I’m also living with medics and live fairly close to the hospital, so some of my best friends are just down the road and closer than they were when we all lived on campus.

I also never got homesick last year, but have found myself having homesick duvet cocoon breakdowns over the past few weeks. Thankfully I’ve got incredible friends (query second family) here who mainly comfort me via many cups of tea – and I’m forever grateful for the amount of times a breakdown message is answered with ‘come over the kettle’s on’.

Overall, I’ve been here 3 weeks. It feels like 3 years. But it’s still moving too fast. The amount of changes and events that happen every day means that when asked ‘so how’s uni’ it is almost impossible to give an answer that isn’t “yeah, good”. It’s too much to comprehend, and a task and a half to try to live simultaneously in both your uni and home life.

But how is uni? It’s as insanely jam-packed as ever. It’s different to any other lifestyle I’m aware of (when else would both incredibly good and bad events be justified by ‘ah student life’?) They say these are the best days of our lives. I didn’t really believe that last year, but I’m starting to see that this year might be the one that proves it to be true.

If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives, so second year –bring itttt





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