5 Dos and Don’ts for First Year of Med School – The Medic Portal

You are OFFICIALLY going to be a first year medical student! How surreal does it feel to say that? Yes, it’s exciting but it’s also overwhelming, fun, new and can leave you feeling every emotion under the sun. So to help you on your way, here’s a list of the dos and don’ts for your first year.


1. Make friends with upper years

Help yourself and get to know these friendly sources of wisdom through socials and societies. These guys have been in your exact position, so they will be able to reassure you and share some guidance, resources and tips (as well as be amazing friends!)

2. Have a life outside of medicine

When you get into medical school, it can feel like you need to be studying every minute of every day. Not having the time to cook, look after or enjoy yourself is a COMPLETE myth. Saying this, first year will likely be the year you have the most time to join societies, sports and socialise – so use it wisely!

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