Placements: my little nuggets of wisdom

6:00 am. It's dark outside, my eyes don't want to open and my muscles appear to have stopped working. *RECORD SCRATCH* -- freeze frame --. I bet you're wondering how I ended up like this. Things have changed since the last time I posted. Rotations have swapped, so for the past month I've been waking at 6:00... Continue Reading →

The ABC’s to surviving a year of uni

Students have been back at uni for a month or so now. How do I know? More and more window sills are becoming symmetrically lined with classy student trophies, (aka spirit bottles), and buses are so full they’re comparable to actual tins of sardines. No matter how many lists, stories and top tips you read, nothing... Continue Reading →


One year later. I'm dedicating this post to everything I would tell myself a year ago. Yes, the mistakes, the unexpected, the questionable and the downright idiotic - I'm dedicating this to you. Maybe it'll be beneficial and relatable, maybe not, but with some luck you’ll be entertained. Learn how to cook potatoes like your... Continue Reading →

look but don’t look

Sex. Just a word. With a lot attached to it. Has it grabbed your attention? Probably - you're here. Does it make you feel uncomfortable? That probably depends on lots of things. Can you remember your first sex ed lesson? Mine was when I was 11, and in year 6. A massive black box-like TV was wheeled in... Continue Reading →

The Medical School Application : A Survivors Story

So chances are if you're not one of my devoted readers (hi fam), you're a student about to enter the terrifying prospect of the med school application process. I'm a first year med student, and these past few weeks I've been helping out at offer holder days and a medicine summer school, and I was bombarded with questions about applying. I'd kind of forgotten how much of a... Continue Reading →

That Student Life

Well. Finally, I can write a post and say officially that I am a medic. I’m currently sat next to a to-do list that is literally as long as my arm, and if I had a pound for every time I’ve heard “come out, first year doesn’t count anyway”, and replied “yes but mine does”–... Continue Reading →

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